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Metasploit Commands Guide For Beginners

Metasploit Commands Guide For Beginners

Metasploit Commands Guide For Beginners
Metasploit Commands Guide For Beginners

Metasploit commands for beginners

What is Metasploit

Metasploit is an open source tool penetration testing tool.It is written in ruby initially it was written in Perl though.
Metasploit is one of the most used tools by bad guys(Hackers) and white hat hackers.Metasploit is an awesome tool for finding vulnerabilities in websites, operating systems, and networks.

Features of Metasploit

  1. Metasploit is not a single tool.It is collection of hundreds of tools.
  2. Metasploit is very powerful it is used to break into remote systems.
  3. It is loaded with 1502 exploits and 434 payloads.
  4. You can launch exploits, create listeners and configure payloads.
  5. You can write your own exploit or modify metasploit's exploits to do that you must have good command over ruby.
These are just few and most awesome features that i mentioned, Metasploit have many , many features for more visit official website. It won't help if we just learn theoretical stuff more you play around with Metasploit more you will discover it.So let's jump to the practical part.Open your terminal.

Start postgresql database

Before starting Metasploit we must start postgresql services.Below command starts database to store all of the metasploit exploits.So everytime you use METASPLOIT you must start postgresql services. It runs little faster with postgresql:
root@seven:~# service postgresql start

Start Metasploit

Now let's start metasploit:
root@seven:~# msfconsole
When your metasploit starts you will be presented with above or may be different banner.Now you are inside Metasploit.

Now Check whether you are connected with Metasploit database or not.If you get the message connected to Msf then everything is good.
msf > db_status
[*] postgresql connected to msf

Change banner

The below command generates random banners.
msf > banner


If you want to clear or get rid of banners or clear terminal then just type:
msf > clear


If you need any help then just type ? mark it brings up help menu.It displays all the commands with short descriptions.
sf > ?

Core Commands

    Command       Description
    -------       -----------
    ?             Help menu
    advanced      Displays advanced options for one or more modules
    back          Move back from the current context
    banner        Display an awesome metasploit banner
    cd            Change the current working directory
    color         Toggle color
    connect       Communicate with a host
    edit          Edit the current module with $VISUAL or $EDITOR
    exit          Exit the console
    get           Gets the value of a context-specific variable
    getg          Gets the value of a global variable
    go_pro        Launch Metasploit web GUI
    grep          Grep the output of another command
    help          Help menu
    info          Displays information about one or more modules
    irb           Drop into irb scripting mode
    jobs          Displays and manages jobs
    kill          Kill a job
    load          Load a framework plugin

Show all the exploits inside Metasploit

The below command will show you all the exploits or tools available in Metasploit.There are tons of tools so it takes little time to load.There are different exploits for database, ssh,ftp.windows and linux. etc.Go through all.
msf >show exploits


Filter exploits

You can always filter exploits according to your need.Lets say you want to find an exploit related to ftp just type the following:
msf > search ftp

Matching Modules

   Name                                                Disclosure Date  Rank       Description
   ----                                                ---------------  ----       -----------
   auxiliary/admin/cisco/vpn_3000_ftp_bypass           2006-08-23       normal     Cisco VPN Concentrator 3000 FTP Unauthorized Administrative Access
   auxiliary/admin/officescan/tmlisten_traversal                        normal     TrendMicro OfficeScanNT Listener Traversal Arbitrary File Access
   auxiliary/admin/tftp/tftp_transfer_util                              normal     TFTP File Transfer Utility
   auxiliary/dos/scada/d20_tftp_overflow               2012-01-19       normal     General Electric D20ME TFTP Server Buffer Overflow DoS
   auxiliary/dos/windows/ftp/filezilla_admin_user      2005-11-07       normal     FileZilla FTP Server Admin Interface Denial of Service
   auxiliary/dos/windows/ftp/filezilla_server_port     2006-12-11       normal     FileZilla FTP Server Malformed PORT Denial of Service
   auxiliary/dos/windows/ftp/guildftp_cwdlist          2008-10-12       normal     Guild FTPd 0.999.8.11/0.999.14 Heap Corruption
   auxiliary/dos/windows/ftp/iis75_ftpd_iac_bof        2010-12-21       normal     Microsoft IIS FTP Server Encoded Response Overflow Trigger
   auxiliary/dos/windows/ftp/iis_list_exhaustion       2009-09-03       normal     Microsoft IIS FTP Server LIST Stack Exhaustion
   auxiliary/dos/windows/ftp/solarftp_user             2011-02-22       normal     Solar FTP Server Malformed USER Denial of Service
   auxiliary/dos/windows/ftp/titan626_site             2008-10-14       normal     Titan FTP Server 6.26.630 SITE WHO DoS
   auxiliary/dos/windows/ftp/vicftps50_list            2008-10-24       normal     Victory FTP Server 5.0 LIST DoS

Detailed information and usage of specific Exploit

If you want to find detailed information and usage of a specific exploit then type the following command. Just write info and paste or write the exploit name. I have picked ftp_login exploit it looks juicy. This is useful.
msf > info auxiliary/scanner/ftp/ftp_login 

       Name: FTP Authentication Scanner
     Module: auxiliary/scanner/ftp/ftp_login
    License: Metasploit Framework License (BSD)
       Rank: Normal
In order to use an exploit you have to write use and give exploit name that you want to use.
msf > use auxiliary/scanner/ftp/ftp_login 
msf auxiliary(ftp_login) >

Configure exploit

Show options command displays the configurations to set the exploit.Now when we are inside the exploit just type the below command it will show you the options that you need set to run the exploit.

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msf auxiliary(ftp_login) > show options


Once you have configured the exploit and are ready to attack.Write the below command to launch exploit
msf auxiliary(ftp_login) > exploit

modify source code of an exploit

You can actually add your own code into the Metasploit's exploit.With the below command you can see and modify the source code of an exploit. This is freaking awesome if you are a programmer what else you need you can a lot.But remember you need to be inside the exploit.
msf auxiliary(ftp_login) > edit
If you want to go one step back then write the back command:
msf auxiliary(ftp_login) > back

Show payloads

Check out all the payloads in Metasploit.

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msf > show payloads


Run Nmap commands inside Metasploit

You can run all the nmap commands inside metasploit. Example:
msf > nmap -F linuxxcomputing.com
[*] exec: nmap -F linuxxcomputing.com

Starting Nmap 6.49BETA4 ( https://nmap.org ) at 2015-12-19 13:19 EST
Nmap scan report for linuxxcomputing.com (
Host is up (0.18s latency).
rDNS record for ip-107-180-0-245.ip.secureserver.net
Not shown: 86 filtered ports
21/tcp   open   ftp
22/tcp   open   ssh


Exit command will exit or quit Metasploit.It returns you to the main Linux shell /terminal.
msf > exit

So above are the Metasploit Commands Guide For Beginners. Hope you like this article, keep on sharing with others too. Also, share your experience with us in a comment box below.

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