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How To Install And Configure TOR with Proxychain in kali linux

How To Install And Configure TOR with Proxychain in kali Linux

How To Install And Configure TOR with Proxychain in kali linux
How To Install And Configure TOR with Proxychain in kali Linux

Install and configure tor with proxychain in kali Linux 2.0

Proxychains is very useful in term of protecting your identity not only when you surf the internet also when you audit security scans or perform the attack. So it is really important to have proxychains.By using proxychains we can anonymize our scans and attacks.
Proxychains can be used with many applications like Iceweasel,nmap, and owasp-zap etc.
In order to use proxychain, we have to install tor first. Tor does not come pre-installed in kali so we need to install tor first.So open your terminal.
When you type the following command you will be asked to confirm installation so type y and hit enter.

root@seven:~# apt-get install tor
install tor
Once the installation is complete now we need to start tor services.You have to start tor every time you want to use it. it will not start by default.So type the below command to start tor.
root@seven:~#  service tor start

Configure proxychains

when you start tor it has a limit of 10 minutes before it switches to another IP address and picks up the new proxy.On the very restart, it will pick the new address.
Now switch your directory to etc.Inside etc, we need to make few changes to the proxychains.conf file.So change your directory to etc with the below command
cd /etc
Now open proxychains.conf file in a text editor.Execute the below command and proxychains.conf file will open in leaf pad.
root@seven:/etc# leafpad proxychains.conf
We need to make few changes.By default strict chain is enabled we have to change from strict to dynamic_chain.So scroll down and find dynamic_chain.
Remove pound sign from dynamic_chain and add a pound sign before strict_chain in this way it will enable dynamic_chain and will disable strict_chain.
change proxychain
The reason for enabling dynamic_chain is that if one proxy is not responding fast enough then it will change dynamically to another.strict_chain is static if one proxy is not responding fast enough then none of it's going to work and the chain is going to break.
Leave everything else to default save file and quit.
Now you ready to be anonymous.Just type the following command.
root@seven:~# proxychains firefox
Now check your IP address and location.You can use other online sources to check your IP address.
Write the following command in terminal.You will see your real IP address will not be displayed.

root@seven:~# proxychains firefox www.dnsleaktest.com
root@seven:~# proxychains firefox www.ipchicken.com
Now you can see your Ip address and location will be different.
Remember on every restart you have to start tor services.

Anonymizing Attacks using proxychains

The real reason why you wanted to configure tor with proxychains is to anonymize your attacks, So here we are. You can use proxychains with different applications like nmap ,owasp etc. Syntax goes like this.
proxychains is the application that you want to use with TOR
root@seven:~# proxychains nmap -F www.target.com
You can audit your nmap scans through proxychains it will take a little time than usual but the important thing is not to get caught so you can afford that.
root@seven:~# proxychains firefox
You can use proxychains with firefox or any other web browser. 
root@seven:~# proxychains owasp-zap
So above are the How To Install And Configure TOR with Proxychain in kali Linux. Hope you like this article, keep on sharing with others too. Also, share your experience with us in a comment box below.

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