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How To Perform DoS attack Using Loic in Kali Linux

How To Perform DoS attack Using Loic in Kali Linux

How To Perform DoS attack Using Loic in Kali Linux
How To Perform DoS attack Using Loic in Kali Linux

Disclaimer: This article is for educational purpose only. Before performing Denial of service attack. There are a couple of things I would like you to know.It is completely illegal to perform Dos attack on the website you don't own.
Perform dos attack only if you have owner's permission or use your own website.If you do you do at your own risk.I will not be responsible for this.

What is Dos Attack

Dos stands for denial of service. Dos attack shuts down Webservers/systems and completely makes them inaccessible to users.
Dos attack floods target network with access requests.With access HTTP requests dos slow down the speed and eventually force web servers to shut down.
There are quite a few programs to perform Dos attack.But we are going to use loic program to perform our dos attack.

Loic does not come pre-installed in Kali so we have to install manually.
The first thing we need to install is MonoDevelop which is used to compile and run Loic.Loic is written in c#.
Open your terminal and type the following command.
root@seven:~# apt-get install git-core monodevelop
Now we need to make a separate directory where we will store Loic application.
root@seven:~# mkdir loic
Now change your directory to loic.
root@seven:~# cd loic
Now we need to download Loic.Type the following command.
root@seven:~/loic# wget https://raw.github.com/nicolargo/loicinstaller/master/loic.sh
Now we need to make the loic.sh file executable.
root@seven:~/loic# chmod 777 loic.sh
Now we need to install loic.sh file
root@seven:~/loic# ./loic.sh install
Now we need to update loic.sh file.
root@seven:~/loic# ./loic.sh update

Now we need to install mono develop gmcs compiler which is used to compile c# applications.
root@seven:~/loic# apt-get install mono-gmcs
We are ready to launch Loic's GUI.
root@seven:~/loic# ./loic.sh run
This is how Loic User interface looks like.This is really simple.Now we need to set our target and also have to make few other changes.
Dos attack using kali Linux 2.0 with LOIC
Now we have set our target to perform dos attack.Again don't perform dos on the website if you don't have permission.You will be in serious trouble.I suggest you create your own blog and perform there.
If IP address appears in your target box then you are good to go.
Url to hack
Lock your target by clicking on lock on
click on lock
Now we need to set our attack options.Check the box that says append random char
check box
Change attack method to up and threads to 70
The default is TCP if TCP stops working you can use UDP.
good to go
Now everything is set Just click on the button that says IMMA CHARGIN MAH LAZER. .Enjoy..

So above are the How To Perform DoS attack Using Loic in Kali Linux. Hope you like this article, keep on sharing with others too. Also, share your experience with us in a comment box below.

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