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PhilZ Touch Recovery

Most Features of This Recovery

  • This is a new CWM modded Recovery with a lot of Amazing features. 
  • This Recovery will work on all Android Versions
  • This Recovery supports SELinux
  • This Recovery can be used to install Kikat ROMs To Your Device
  • It has built in Aroma File Manager so you can easily go through your Internal Storage/SD Card even in Recovery mode
  • You can customize the looks of this Recovery
  • And much more !!!


How To Use And Install Recovery To Your Device :
 Please make a backup of IMEI no. just in case 
  • Extract the zip to desktop there will be a .exe file
  • Execute it
  • A program like this will open

  • Press Next >
  • Click OK
  • A Credits Menu will open 
  • Wait for a few seconds 
  • A window like this will open

    • Press Yes
    • A window like this will open
    • Select the first option Start East Magic PhilZ Touch Installer for MediaTek
    • Click OK
    • A window like this will appear

    • Select Yes
    • A window like this will appear

    • Plugin your MTK device with USB Debugging ON
    • The rest of the process is automated you can do it on your own
    Congratulations You Now have PhilZ Touch Recovery On Your MTK Device
    Please make a backup of IMEI no. just in case 
    • If you get error like this :

    or a error like this : aborted recovery too large and causes a region of overlap

    Then follow the following steps :
    • Press Yes
    • Some window about your Chipset will popup
    • Keep your device unlocked there might be a SuperSU permission popup on your device click grant
    • After it if you get a window like this

     Select your phone resolution my phone resolution is 480x854 so I selected it but you must choose the resolution of your phone
    Press OK
    There will be some question answer accordingly. In the First question answer NO
    It will then show a error click OK
    Now again open PhilZ recovery from a new folder named MTK-PhilZ it is automatically created in your Desktop
    Click OK
    Then Click ON NO
     It will ask you to put your stock recpvery in stock folder 
    Copy the Stock Recovery from  BackUp-MTK-Recovery in MTK-PhilZ folder and paste it in Stock folder of MTK-PhilZ folder
    Again select your phone resolution and click OK 
    Now select fb2png and tune2fs and press OK
    Click NO
     Click Yes
     Click Yes again

      Congratulations You Have PhilZ touch Recovery on your MTK Device Now

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